Car Care Tips

You love your car and we do the same .But there are few enimies of your car too.and it would be in you best interest to guard your car against them. These are few step that will ensure your loved possession.

  • Shampoo your car regularly with an auto shampoo.
  • Do not use house hold detergents to wash your cars.
  • Always wash your cars in a shaded or covered area and not in direct sunlight.
  • The car surface should not be hot.Always wipe your car Dry and do not leave it Wet.
  • Never Wipe your Car without Washing because dirt and dust can scratch the paint while you wipe.
  • Always rinse car with a stream of water using pipe, or if you are using bucket, soak a sponge or soft cloth in a water andrinse starting from the top onward.
  • Avoid eating in car because edable attracts variety of pest and if left unclean can give bad ordure.
  • Detail your car regularly, We recommend interior detailing at least in 06 months and an exterior detailing (paint sealant ) at least once a year.
  • A half year waxing job along with the interior Detail would also be better.
  • These are just few basic tips and we would glad to provide any more detailing information you need

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